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client satisfaction

MAXEI group puts the understanding of its clients’ specific requirements and customised consultancy at the heart of its strategy. 

Its integrated model, from R&D through to maintenance including all the production trades, is there to provide client satisfaction.

Every year, MAXEI invests to improve its design and production tools and develops its teams’ expertise to ever better understand and meet market changes. 

ENVIRONMENTAL responsibility

MAXEI Group’s environmental commitments start by the design of products that preserve natural resources.

This concern is perfectly reflected in its REGEN line of oil processing machines that make it possible to regenerate transformer oil composed of mainly fossil origin materials, and thus avoid producing waste.

The company is also internally committed to reducing its impact on the natural environment thanks to optimised waste management and an energy consumption reduction plan.

SOCIAL development

The men and women who work for MAXEI Group are its main riches and its performance vector.

The business therefore takes all measures to protect their health, their well-being and their safety. Beyond the strict application of applicable legislation, MAXEI Group sets up best practises in order to avoid the risks related to its activity. The development of our staff’s skills is based on a continuous training policy and the well-being of our staff while respecting Group ethics and values.

corporate social actions

MAXEI Group is committed on the social level by the strong involvement of its senior management in regional bodies in order to favour the growth of the economic fabric and youth employment.

Whether through partnerships with schools or by sandwich courses for young people, the business is a stakeholder in the local education system. 

The group also supports initiatives in sports so that we can share our values outside the professional environment.

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